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The importance of Sun block before the car
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Not too many varieties of Sun block before, generally aluminum and non-woven fabrics in two ways. Aluminum foil is generally divided into the ordinary "plate" typeand pattern type, dimensions are 60*130cm, suitable for most small cars. Suction Cup foil insulated shade easy to use, started, the suction cups in the front windshield or rear window.

Not too hot season, color images can be placed outside if the weather is very hot,you can foil outward, to ensure that reflect sunlight. When choosing a shade before, it is best to choose with suction cups, material textures a bit hard. "Plate" type of shade itself is not quite enough before or too cheap, it's easy to fall, so do not freeloaders. General brand of Sun block before packaging materials with better, there are also special place the position of the suction cup, suction cup are not easilycrushed. Ten to one brand with poor suckers are crushed, remedy is put into the boiling water hot for a while.

If the car front window wide, Sun block before blocking in General don't live, you can choose two pair, this type of shade is like those jeeps were covered up. Some vehicles the vehicle window without shading at the top, you can put a windshield sticker. You can beautify your vehicle, can also play a part of the shading function.

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