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Non-Woven Bag Ascendancy
- Oct 16, 2017 -

What do you think about the quality of non-woven bags? First think of non-woven bag work, without obvious tilt bag, sewing wireless head jump line, overall, stitch even close, the needle back to the mouth bring is, surface smooth without stain, bag body is. The dimensions of non-woven bags shall not exceed 0.5 cm. The Angle of printing plate is positive, right and left, right and left. The color must be accurate and the distance deviation should not exceed 0.1cm.

The load bearing requirement for non-woven bag is 80g non-woven tote bag bearing weight should be greater than or equal to 10kg, and the hand and edge of the bag should be firm. Otherwise it's not a good non-woven bag.

Then there is the color problem of nonwoven bag, the color of the fabric is positive and the color of non-woven fabric is bright.

Non-woven bag printing process is better, no matter use screen printing, laminating, thermal transfer, flexo printing, color coverage, logo and colour and lustre is consistent, clear overall there was no significant deviation Angle, and cloth color contrast.

Non-woven bags should be green bags. Printing must be non-toxic and tasteless.

Finally choose non-woven bag factory will have to choose to have a certain size, formal, technical pass brand, to stay away from small workshops of non-woven bags, small workshops of non-woven bag no quality assurance.

What is the difference between non-woven bag soft material and hard material

Non - woven fabrics can have many kinds of fabrics, new materials, common materials, peritoneal materials and so on. In the sense of hand, it is actually a soft and hard distinction

The hard material in the market is a little bit more. In fact, the fabric should be soft or hard to be achieved by controlling the temperature in the process of production. The temperature is high and the material is soft, and the opposite is hard.

Soft materials feel soft, close to the real knitted fabric, the fabric has good toughness, strong tension and easy to tear, but the fabric is soft and the feeling will be relatively thin. When the cloth is hard, the cloth feels much thicker, and many nonwoven bag manufacturers use it to cut corners. Since nonwoven fabric is also produced by plastic, if it is too hard, it is obviously not good enough to break

Therefore, customers should Orient their own requirements when they order non-woven bags. If they value the feeling and appearance, they will make hard fabrics. It would be better to attach more importance to the load-bearing and tensile strength of non-woven bags.

Non-woven bag has the following advantages: more economical, more solid, more advertising effect, more environmental protection.

Non-woven bags are more economical

From the start of the plastic-limiting order, plastic bags will begin to gradually exit the packaging market and replace them with non-woven bags that can be used repeatedly. Non-woven bags are easier to print than plastic bags and have more vivid colors. And can use repeatedly, consider a non-woven bag with more elegant than plastic bags design and advertising, because can use repeatedly attrition rate is lower than plastic bags, causing non-woven bag instead more cost savings, and bring more obvious benefits.

Non-woven bags are more secure

Traditional plastic bags, in order to save cost so the materials are thin and fragile. But to make him stronger, he would have to spend more. Non - woven bag has solved all problems, non - woven bag, toughness, not easy to wear. There are also many laminated non-woven bags, even more durable, more waterproof, feel good, the appearance of beautiful features. Although a single cost is a little bit more than a plastic bag, its service life is a non-woven shopping bag that can reach hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.

Non-woven bags have more advertising effect

A beautiful non-woven bag is not just a product bag. Its exquisite appearance is more attractive, can incarnate into fashionable simple shoulder bag, become the street a beautiful scenery. With its solid, waterproof, non-stick hand features will be the first choice, customer go out on such a non-woven bag, can be printed on your company's logo or advertising, its advertising effect is self-evident, a real little input into big returns

Non-woven bags are more environmentally friendly

Is non-woven bag instead of white garbage of new products, with the increase of new energy, the relevant departments advocate environmental protection and energy saving, and environment pollution is increasingly serious, in order to get rid of the white pollution, make our life more beautiful, many have environmental protection consciousness of people thought about the new products, non-woven bags, and its advantage is obvious to all. Non-woven bag is a kind of packaging bag which is widely used nowadays. It is mainly used for shopping, packaging, advertising, electronics, clothing, decoration and other products. Non-woven biggest characteristic is that it has plastic products do not have the function of environmental protection, it is natural degradation time is far lower than plastic bags, as a result, using non-woven non-woven bags are made of and think that the most economical and practical environmental protection shopping bags.