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Non-Woven Bag Good Toughness
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Nonwovens can have many kinds of fabrics, new materials, Non-Woven Bag common materials, coated materials and so on. In terms of feel, in fact, that is, the difference between hardware and software; now more rigid materials on the market, in fact, the fabric to be soft or hard in the production process by controlling the temperature to achieve. High temperature produced the material is relatively soft, Non-Woven Bag on the contrary will be harder.

Soft material Feel very soft, close to the real knitted fabric, fabric toughness, tensile strength, not easy to tear, but after the soft feel of the fabric will be relatively thin. Fabrics made of the same weight after the fabric feel much thicker than the soft material, Non-Woven Bag a lot of bad non-woven bag manufacturers to use this to cut corners. If you are too hard on the tension is obviously not, it is very prone to fracture.

Therefore, customers in the custom when the non-woven bags to their own requirements for the first position, if the value of the feel with the appearance, then do the hard fabric. If you pay more attention to the load-bearing non-woven bags and pull the general choice of soft material, Non-Woven Bag so its solidity will be better.

Non-woven bags are generally used screen printing process, which is often referred to as "screen printing", which has been a lot of manufacturers are more commonly used printing process. Generally artificial printing, because the printing smell, the color is not full and easy to fall off, so there are many new non-woven printing methods, where we introduce the current mainstream market several:

Because of its use of water-based elastic mortar as a printing medium named, Non-Woven Bag more common in textile printing, also known as printing. Printing paste and water-based elastic plastic shell to reconcile. Printing plate without chemical solvents, can be washed directly with water. It is characterized by a good tinting strength, with a strong cover and fastness, washable, basically no smell. Generally used for printing: canvas bag, cotton watermark printing bag

Finished products processed in this way are usually called laminating non-woven bags. This process is divided into two steps, that is, the first use of the traditional gravure printing process will be printed on the film, and then use the film coating process will be printed on the composite film on the non-woven fabric. General large-area color pattern printing of non-woven bags are used in this process. Non-Woven Bag It is characterized by beautifully printed, full use of machine production, short production cycle. In addition the product has excellent water resistance, durability of finished products than other non-woven bags good production. Films have two kinds of light and matt to choose from, Non-Woven Bag matte matte effect! The product is generous, durable, full color, Non-Woven Bag realistic graphics, the disadvantage is the price is more expensive.

Thermal transfer in the printing are special printing! The method requires an intermediate medium, that is, the image is first printed on a thermal transfer film or a thermal transfer paper, and then the pattern is transferred to the non-woven fabric by heating with a transfer device. Medium commonly used in textile printing is thermal transfer film. Its advantages are: beautifully printed, Non-Woven Bag rich level version, comparable to photos. For small area color image printing. The disadvantage is that printing patterns over time, easy to fall off, and expensive.