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Non-Woven Bag Specialty
- Jul 21, 2017 -

To know the characteristics of non-woven bags, we must know what the characteristics of its production materials. So, Non-Woven Bag here to give you universal about the characteristics of non-woven bags.

First of all, non-woven bags, as the name suggests, Non-Woven Bag environmental protection and environmental protection, nature is a green environment-friendly products. Non-Woven Bag The non-woven bags of the production of materials, with durable tenacity, made out of the product, Non-Woven Bag not only the appearance of beautiful appearance, and permeability is also better, the biggest feature is that it can be recycled re-use. I think that's where it's the meaning of environmental protection. In addition, compared with the plastic bag, non-woven bags have the advantages of washing, like plastic bags, then, are generally one-time, run out on the lost. Non-Woven Bag Speaking of non-woven bags of beautiful appearance, it is inseparable from the non-woven bags of the manufacturer's design. It is worth mentioning that non-woven fabric texture soft, suitable for many printing methods of printing. Non-Woven Bag For example, if it is advertising, non-woven bags can do silk screen advertising, and silk screen advertising it, its advantage is to use a long time, Non-Woven Bag durable. It will not fade for a long time. Adapt to any company, any industry advertising. Non-Woven Bag If you want to advertise the carrier, non-woven bags is the best choice.

Second, the non-woven bags and the current market there are shopping bags compared to more economic effects. The reason why so, that goes back to the state release "plastic limit order" began. "Plastic limit order" after the release, once a huge plastic bag market, also began to gradually fade out the packaging market items. And replace the plastic bag is that you can re-use a variety of non-woven bags of environmentally friendly bags. From the printing point of view, Non-Woven Bag non-woven bags than plastic bags, easier to print and ink solid. Non-Woven Bag Printed patterns and text to express the more clear and bright. Coupled with the repeated use of this advantage, Non-Woven Bag then the economic effect of non-woven bags is reflected in the more vividly.

Moreover, through the above description, Non-Woven Bag can roughly sum up the benefits of plastic bags, the following points:

1, can replace more plastic bags market.

2, and plastic bags and paper bags compared to non-woven bags with a longer life bag.

3, non-woven bags can be recycled several times, Non-Woven Bag it can be said that this is the biggest advantage of non-woven bags environmental protection.

4, non-woven materials, low prices, Non-Woven Bag coupled with its characteristics, more conducive to the promotion in the market.

Non-woven bags of the most attractive is nothing more than its flexible, recyclable features. And non-woven bags in the wine industry inside the point of view, to attract them is affordable. Non-Woven Bag Because it can bring more intuitive economic effects to the enterprise. At the same time, in the production of environmentally friendly wine bags is, Non-Woven Bag product advertising on the role of publicity is self-evident. Non-Woven Bag Although there are some environmental protection forums and communities, there will be some information on the non-woven bags, but through some environmental welfare activities or the promotion of some environmental organizations, Non-Woven Bag coupled with people's awareness of environmental protection continues to deepen, Non-Woven Bag non-woven The role of environmental bags in people's daily lives is becoming more and more important.