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Non-Woven Bag Washing Instructions
- Sep 29, 2017 -

We are using non-woven bags. Actually because its performance is very good, so in many cases, we are for the use of this aspect is to bring a lot of convenience, but we know that if you want to keep the performance of it can be normal to play out, at the time of production, this is to accord with a standard, today small make up will come in the production of non-woven bag, and you talk about the general need to pay attention to the problem, the edge of the first, we know that it is linked with thread, so most of the time if the thrum of the work is not fine, in fact the consequences is very serious, so we are to avoid the happening of the problem, generally the connection is done under the operation of the machine, so we need to do is on the positioning accurately as far as possible, then it's on the performance of the firm, we know that if it under gravity ability is limited, in fact at the time of use, is not very convenient, so we in the production process of cloth, for them is to consider, the quality of the final is on the color, even dyed a different color, the colour of the final effect is uniform.

Printing of nonwoven bags

Generally when we were in the use of non-woven bag, this is very convenient, when an enterprise custom non-woven bag, in fact they have is need to add some text on appearance or pattern, although this is an increase in the steps of production, but also can implement, small make up to today and everybody said at the time of non-woven bag printing, generally need to pay attention to what problem, first of all we know is that generally can choose the method is very much, is like a watermark or thermal transfer, this is very common, but because in effect and characteristics are different, so we in the choice, still need to pay attention to, the second is in the process of printing, we are very high to the requirement of color, as far as possible don't appear to have off color, generally after the end of the printing, the color can be affected by the is also very much, so we must need to avoid this, it is necessary for the protection of color, the last is the text and pattern are generally according to the requirement of the custom is to decide, so we can't a chaotic situation, be sure before printing.

Cleaning instructions for non-woven bags

When we were in the use of non-woven bags, in fact it despite the performance is very good, but also in the history of environmental protection, is very outstanding, but we need to pay attention to that in the actual use of non-woven bag, it is also the accumulation of dust and stains, this time if we don't have to clean, not only have influence on aesthetics, but also for its performance are destroyed, because the damage on the surface of the stain for non-woven bag is very obvious, today small make up will come at the time of cleaning non-woven bag, and you talk about the general need to pay attention to what problem, first we have to realize, is that the non-woven bag cleaning difficulty is big, actually we also need to pay attention to this problem in actual use, so in the master to learn to use some techniques, followed by the choice of cleaning tools, as we know, it's structure is very stable, not easily damaged, but if is a brush for cleaning, over its fiber damage is more serious, so we can use the hardness of the tool, but is not recommended brush, finally if it is stubborn stains, we can try to clean with toothpaste.

Advantages of non-woven bag

We at the time of shopping, are generally not recommend the use of non-woven bag, but many people worry about its performance is not good, like at the time of all items, this prone to rupture, this is not convenient, but we know that for non-woven bags, its performance is very good, and in many cases, advantage is also very much, today small make up in non-woven bags have come and you talk about what kind of advantages, one is the air permeability, if through the canvas shoes knows, its permeability is very good, because it have a larger gap between fabric, in this way, if we use it in food, in fact it is very convenient, because it won't appear the phenomenon of corruption, followed by its quality, we know that, in general, it is very not easy to damage, because although it is not flexible, but cloth is strong, if with a lot of strength to tear, in fact there will be no rupture, the final is in its cost, is relatively low, can be implemented in mass production, if can instead of plastic bags, is also very environmentally friendly.