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Plastic Slicer Especially Significant
- Nov 03, 2017 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, people began to pursue their own lives, not only satisfied with the cakes bought in the markets and shops. And now it's no longer difficult to make cakes yourself. Production tools, raw materials and ingredients are easy to buy. Even soft and hard pastries can be made according to your favorite taste. But also according to their own imagination to design. Faced with a large number of college students today, re-employment of laid-off workers. Such a huge pastry market is a good opportunity. So an affordable, Plastic Slicer easy-to-use, easy-to-use pastry slicer gives them great convenience in the pastry making process. However, at this stage pastry slicing machine mainly exists in the mass production in China. Small workshop-type cakes slicer in small batch production stores, home has a vast market. With the increasing mechanization of home appliances, people no longer stop hand labor. But also for the types of pastries so much, the texture is hard and soft, Plastic Slicer artificial slices have a lot of inconvenience. And work efficiency is relatively low, hand-cut out of the aesthetics of the machine is not as good as the machine cut.

China's slicing machine technology began in the 1970s, China's slicing machine is widely used in vegetables, herbs, frozen meat and other fields, including the use of potatoes is particularly significant. There are also more than 30 years of history in slicing and research and development in our country. In recent years, the research and development of slicer has also been very rapid. However, Plastic Slicer compared with the developed countries, there is still a certain gap at present, and the sliced slices have not been widely applied. Although in our country has slicing machine manufacturers such as Ocean City, Shandong Province, Oceanic Food Machinery Factory, the ocean brand potato slicer 400, 600 and so on, but our country's slicing machine is still no fundamental breakthrough. In recent years, China's slicing machine industry has made great development, but there are also some problems in the development of the industry, and there is still a big gap compared with that of other countries. Due to the lack of core technologies in China's manufacturing industry, OEM is still the common survival mode of "Made in China". Many high-end products listed on the surface of China, in fact, the core technologies are from abroad.

Root vegetables are widely distributed in our country, with more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions planted, and are one of the major cash crops in our country. For example, the planting area of potato crops in China is about 140 million mu, with a total output of 2 to 30 million tons. Plastic Slicer Is the world's largest producer of potato country. With the acceleration of social and economic development, Plastic Slicer the pace of people's life is also correspondingly accelerated, followed by the rapid development of fast food culture, the demand for stems and chunks of food more and more. Plastic Slicer Consumption of snack foods like potato chips, Plastic Slicer potato chips and the like have risen sharply. This brings about vitality and vitality to the processing of stem pieces of food. Plastic Slicer Crops need to be sliced into slices during processing. Therefore, slicer came into being.

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