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Plastic Slicer Main Use
- Oct 24, 2017 -

The plastic slicer is a machine that cuts thin and even tissue, and the tissue is supported by hard paraffin or other materials. The thickness of the thickness is usually 1 micron each time the plate is automatically moved forward (pointing in the direction of the knife). When the paraffin is cut, the section of the section is glued to the wax.

The main purpose of using plastic slicers is to use herbs, food, cell tissue and wax and other materials to facilitate their next process. Its main USES are as follows:

Food section

The food slice is: date slice; Hawthorn piece and other commonly used slicing machine, slicing machine and food is suitable for the use of bone and other similar mustard elastic food, and cut into pieces, such as meat, meat, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency,

Low power consumption, easy to clean and maintain, safe and hygienic, the uniform effect of meat, can be automatically rolled into a volume

Imported Italian leaves and belts, with unique automatic lubrication device, powerful functions, is the hotel, restaurant, canteen, meat processing plant and other units indispensable meat processing machinery. The food industry of the cutter is: beef and mutton slices. Some food slicers that are common in the market.

Slice the herb

Velvet slices, for example, is dedicated to ginseng stores, pharmacies, clinics, American ginseng, velvet, tianma, such as medicinal materials and design, can be sliced, across the membrane, membrane, membrane thickness, colour is gorgeous. The knife has four blades, which can be adjusted to the thickness. It has the advantages of small volume, convenient use, fine slicing, simple operation, stable quality and long service life. It is suitable for reference, plant root and other medicinal materials.

The working principle of the slicer is relatively simple, which is to cut the object and material into pieces according to proportion or width by slicing the slicing machine. Used for production, pharmaceutical or other purposes.

Different slices are also different, such as tests of cells or tissues to promote the use of microscopic observation experiments. The rotation and slide slicer of an optical microscope

In the paper industry, it is also necessary to use the slicer, which can be used for cutting knife plate slicer, roller slicer, spiral slicer, etc. Knife type slicing machine, chassis, feed tank, transmission parts and other parts, the working principle is to use the heavy knife to play the role of flywheel and stabilizer.

Another method is to cut the polymer strips into particles. This requires a special slicer that includes a guide rod, a feeding roller, a roller, and a rotating cutter. The working principle is: to use the cutter from the CVT gearbox, to feed the roller from the cutter through a set of gear transmission, and the size of the cutter plate with several blades. You can change the length of the gears on your own, and the CVT can only change the speed of the tape.

Preventive measures

1. You can use the keypad lock keypad on the control panel

2. Close, open the window until the machine is completely dry, and then start again

Don't shut off the compressor, or it will seriously affect your work