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Plastic Slicer Operating
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Plastic Slicer When sliced for accurate cut to the tissue, usually when embedded in the organization will be gently pressed at the bottom of the embedded mold. Needle aspiration biopsy tissue is usually 10 ~ 20mm, diameter is <1mm, so even if there is a slight cutting plane adjustment errors, Plastic Slicer it is easy to lead to biopsy from one end is not evenly cut off. The problem of adjusting the standard cutting plane may be more complicated when the sliced object is an almost transparent tissue. In addition, when tissue wax blocks are sliced on different slicers, changes in the cutting plane can lead to difficulties in slicing. For example, some laboratories cut the wax pieces on a slicer and distribute them to other slices, or wax The block is sent to the outer courtyard for consultation. In these cases, the error between the first cutting plane and the subsequent slicer is often caused by unnecessary cuts due to repeated cuts.

Before the formal operation, Plastic Slicer the standard paraffin tissue module was prepared according to the operation standard, and the wax block was parallel to the bottom plane of the model. There was no deviation between the front and the left and right sides. Secondly, the blank chuck was adjusted to The X-axis is nearly parallel to the cutting edge, and the Y-axis is nearly perpendicular to the blade; the cutting plane thus obtained is called the standard cutting plane of the slicer. It can be applied to one or more slicers when it is relatively fixed, stationary, batch or continuous processing. The sectioning method not only regulates and simplifies the slicing operation, but also avoids the cumbersome and insecure factors caused by the random adjustment of the cutting plane, and more importantly, greatly improves the efficiency of the slices and the quality of the slices. The adjustment of the cutting plane of the slicer is accomplished by the three main adjustment knobs of the X axis, Y axis and lock knob. Plastic Slicer When operating, loosen the locking knob and, when a satisfactory cutting plane is obtained, tighten the locking knob to prevent further movement of the mechanism. For different slices of origin and type, the precise steps for adjusting the cutting plane may vary slightly depending on the type of specimen chuck and adjustment system installed, Plastic Slicer and the operator can adjust the instructions according to the slicer's manual. In order to cope with the smooth adjustment of the cutting plane, in the embedding of the organization should also strengthen the plastic box used in the operating specifications, that is, to be embedded at the bottom of the model began to solidify the paraffin and then cover the box, Add wax. The purpose of this is to make the embedding box more secure in contact with the tissue wax, Plastic Slicer to reduce and prevent the tremor when cutting or embedding the box and the tissue wax. In addition, it should be noted that the secondary wax can not be overfilled, otherwise the wax block can not be exactly coincident with the slicer fixture, resulting in loose slices when slicing, affecting the quality of slices.

① put the blank standard wax block into the chuck of the slicer, loosen the lock knob, the Y-axis knob to the maximum release, so that the chuck position as far as possible tilt;

② press the chopper on the right hand wheel, slowly drop the chuck, so that the chuck position just close to the blade;

③ adjust the X-axis knob, Plastic Slicer so that the chuck and the blade close to the parallel;

④ Turn the handwheel to raise the chuck to the highest position, carefully turn the Y-axis knob back and forth, so that the chuck and the cutting edge of the cutting plane close to the vertical;

⑤ Tighten the lock knob