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Plastic Slicer Performance
- Jul 21, 2017 -

For the molding process regardless of single or multi-layer composite sheet, plastic slicer brand, must have the following performance:

First, plastic memory, that is, when the tensile softening of the sheet, Plastic Slicer both the tendency to tighten the resistance against tension, Plastic Slicer as well as the tendency to stretch as much as possible. This feature allows the already molded article to reheat to the original molding temperature and it will return to the original flat sheet shape. This characteristic has an important effect on the stretching of the forming process.

Second, the hot stretch, that is, Plastic Slicer the sheet can be heated in the stretch, this feature for the shape and quality of the product has a great impact. Plastic Slicer Some can stretch 15% to 20%, while some can even be stretched to 500% to 600%.

Third, the heat intensity, that is,Plastic Slicer heating softened sheet as long as a little pressure, it will form a clear outline on the mold. On the contrary, if you need too much pressure to shape, Plastic Slicer and vacuum forming the pressure provided by the pressure difference is limited, for some subtle patterns is difficult to show.

Fourth, the molding temperature, that is, Plastic Slicer forming a sheet to be suitable for a certain processing temperature range. Both in its heat softening temperature, Plastic Slicer easy to shape, but also with its melting temperature has a certain distance, forming a wide temperature range; not only in a smaller specific temperature range molding, Plastic Slicer the temperature is high or low, the molding easy to tear , Collapse and so on.

Polypropylene on the molding conditions, the mold stripping slope: punch 2 o ~ 3 o (the most i is excellent 5 o), die 1o ~ 3 o (the most excellent is 5 o); molding temperature: sheet Temperature 150 ~ 180 ℃, mold temperature 70 ℃ ~ 90 ℃; molding shrinkage: punch 0.02 ~ 0.03mm / mm, plastic slicer, die 0.03 ~ 0.04mm / mm. As the polypropylene sheet has a rich source of materials, low prices, no i poison, Plastic Slicer tasteless, good transparency, high mechanical strength characteristics, so the polypropylene sheet for vacuum plastic molding processing, plastic slicer factory, made of various Packaging products are widely used in food, medicine i medicine, Plastic Slicer mechanical parts, daily necessities and other packaging. Currently on the market of polypropylene packaging products, in addition to simple lunch boxes, the water Park, Plastic Slicer spoons, bowls, pickles boxes, all kinds of special product packaging, Plastic Slicer yogurt pots, trays, etc. are also widely into the market. As the polypropylene products can be microwave heating, can be sterilized at 125 ℃ conditions, it is widely used in ready-to-eat food packaging. In addition, Plastic Slicer polypropylene vacuum plastic molding products in recent years in agricultural production has also been gradually applied, plastic chip machine manufacturers, Plastic Slicer such as seedling plate, breeding cup and so on.

Blank standard wax block preparation: the stainless steel embedded model into the wax solution placed on the heat stage, the liquid surface just with the upper edge of the model flush, not below or above the upper limit of the model, Plastic Slicer cover the box After pouring wax solution, Plastic Slicer about 10 ~ 15 s, Plastic Slicer embedded box and the model around the wax liquid after solidification, once again add a little wax solution to increase the stability of the embedded box. When the lid is capped, it must be kept parallel to the bottom of the model.