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Plastic Slicer The Precision Requirement
- Sep 29, 2017 -

The existing plastic laminating machine used in plastic mixing machine, Plastic Slicer the cutting mechanism is provided by the rubber mixing machine, through the mixing machine roller and rolling mechanism between the roller shaft to form a friction drive driven rolling mechanism work. Plastic Slicer As the plastic by the rubber machine hot roller temperature changes, as well as the friction transmission of their own transmission ratio is not precise shortcomings, so that after cutting down the plastic sheet after the occurrence of the length of the situation, the size of instability, can not achieve the required Specifications accuracy requirements, Plastic Slicer so also on the mold punching processing molding. In addition, it is held on the roller roller cutter is made of one, when the need to cut the width of the slices, you must replace the corresponding specifications of the roll cutter, Plastic Slicer so need to be equipped with different specifications of the tool, but also to replace Tool time.

The purpose of the utility model is to solve the above-mentioned drawback and provide a plastic chip machine which is suitable for use in relation to plastic mixing machine. The speed of the cutting mechanism can be precisely adjusted so that the length of the slice length is stable and the width of the roll cutter can be adjusted Different width specifications, to achieve a multi-purpose knife.

The purpose of the utility model is that the plastic chip machine is realized by the frame, Plastic Slicer the cutting mechanism, the cooling mechanism and the conveying mechanism. The rolling mechanism is powered by a speed regulating motor, the power is reduced by the reducer, The transmission belt transmits the power to the roller drive wheel of the rolling mechanism to drive the rolling mechanism. Plastic Slicer In the actual production, according to the required length of the required slice size, through the mixing machine roller linear speed conversion to adjust the motor speed, when the slice length size changes, Plastic Slicer according to the temperature changes and changes in the relationship between the length of plastic Adjust the motor speed at any time, you can quickly achieve the length and size accuracy requirements.

(Including the knife and blade) and two edge cutters, which are made in key coupling with the roller shaft and fastened to the roller by adjusting the fastening screw, By adjusting the screw, Plastic Slicer adjustable width or narrow the two edge cutter relative distance, Plastic Slicer when the need for different width specifications of the slice, you can adjust the two edge cutter position to ensure the width requirements.

The technical scheme of the utility model can ensure the stability of the length of the plastic slice length and the requirement of different slice width specifications, Plastic Slicer which can improve the productivity by 3 to 4 times, save the material from 20% to 30%, the labor intensity is obviously reduced and the economic benefit is remarkable.