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Plastic Slicer The Quality Of
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Plastic Slicer Slices are cut to the tissue accurately, and usually the tissue is gently pressed at the bottom of the package when it is buried. Needle aspiration biopsy tissue usually long ~ mm, but the diameter of 1 mm, so even if there is a slight adjustment of the cutting plane error, it is easy to cause biopsy tissue from one end of the uneven cut off. The problem of adjusting a standard cutting plane can be more complex when the slice object is an almost transparent organization. Also, when the tissue wax is sliced separately on different slicer, Plastic Slicer the cutting plane changes can cause slicing difficulties, such as some laboratories to trim the wax blocks on a slicer and distribute them to other slicer slices, or to take the wax blocks to the outer court for consultation. In these cases, the error between the first cutting plane and the subsequent slicer is often due to the unnecessary loss of the organization as a result of trimming.

Before each formal slicing operation, the standard paraffin tissue module is prepared according to the operation specification, which ensures that the wax block is parallel to the bottom plane of the model, and that there is no inclination before and after the end. Plastic Slicer Secondly, a blank standard wax block is used to adjust the slice head to the X axis and the blade is close to the parallel, and the y-axis is close to the blade. So get the cutting plane we call the slicing machine standard cutting plane. It can be relatively fixed, remain motionless, batch or continuous processing slicing operations, can be applied on one or more slices. The slicing method not only regulates and simplifies the slicing operation, but also avoids the cumbersome and unsafe factors caused by arbitrarily adjusting the cutting plane, and the more important is to improve the efficiency of slicing and the quality of slicing.

The adjustment of slicer cutting plane is accomplished by 3 main adjusting knob, including x axis, Y axis and lock knob. When operating slack lock knob, Plastic Slicer when get satisfied cutting plane, tighten lock knob, prevent mechanical device to produce further movement. For different production areas and models of Slicer, because of the installation of specimen chuck and regulating system types, the precise steps to adjust the cutting plane can be slightly different, operators can be based on the use of the slicer manual to make adjustments. Plastic Slicer In order to cope with the smooth adjustment of the cutting plane, it is also necessary to strengthen the operation criterion of the plastic-embedded box in the embedding structure, that is, the paraffin wax on the bottom of the model should be solidified and then covered with a buried box, and then the wax can be added two times after solidification. The purpose of this is to make the contact between the embedding box and the tissue wax block more solid, reduce and prevent the vibration of the slice and the drop of the entrapped box and the tissue wax block. In addition, Plastic Slicer it is necessary to note that two times wax

Can not be too full, otherwise the wax block can not be fully consistent with the slicer clamp, resulting in a loose tremor when slicing, affecting the quality of slices.