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Plastic Slicer The Usefulness Of
- Aug 08, 2017 -

The working principle of slicer is relatively simple, Plastic Slicer that is, the application of sharp slices of slicer, the object and data according to a point of proportion or width cut into one piece. For consumption, pharmaceuticals, or other uses.

Different slicer slicing methods are also different,Plastic Slicer for example, in the experiment to dispose of cells or tissues, so as to easily use a microscope to stop the observation experiment. The rotary and slide slicer used in the optical microscope are also required for slicing machines in the papermaking industry, Plastic Slicer which is suitable for cutting machine, drum slicing machine, spiral slicer, Plastic Slicer etc. Knife Disc slicer by the knife plate, casing, feeding trough and drive installation, such as local composition, working principle is the application of heavy knife disk to play the role of the flywheel, stable slicing.

Another is to cut the polymer strips into grains. This requires a special slicer, which consists of a guide plate, a feeding roller, a pressurized roller, and a rotating cutter plate. Working principle is: the application of the knife plate by the CVT transmission, feed roller by a set of change gear transmission, Plastic Slicer and knife plate according to the size of the cutter with more than a blade. Plastic Slicer Can change the cut length and stepless gearbox can change the speed of the strip.

The characteristics of slicing machine can be divided into the following points:

1, the design of a compact independent control Panel to effectively control all important operations.

2, the fuselage built-in control panel and the independent Control Panel complete synchronization, the LCD display can prompt the slice thickness total and the slice total, Plastic Slicer repairs the block thickness, the slice thickness, and prompts the important operation status.

3, two samples vertical stop bit (top, bottom)

4. Five slicing modes: single, continuous, stepping, half knife, programming

5. The slice speed is adjusted automatically according to the slice thickness.

6, repair block function can be closed. In the automatic state, the parameters of the repair block are automatically adjusted, and the parameters of the repair block can be programmed in the manual state. http://www. Stjcjx./

7, slice thickness and repair block thickness can be independently selected and stored.

8, the visual signal and the sound signal prompts the sample to advance backward the limit and the remaining sampling distance.