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Plastic Slicer Working Principle Is Relatively Simple
- Nov 01, 2017 -

The plastic slicer is a machine that cuts thin and uniform tissue, and is organized with hard paraffin or other material. Each time the sheet thickness is automatically advanced (in the direction of the knife) by the slice thickness, the gradient of the thickness is usually For 1 micron. When the paraffin-embedded tissue is cut, the slices are formed by sticking to the waxes of the previous slice.

Plastic chip machine working principle is relatively simple, that is, through the use of slicing machine sharp section, the object and the material in accordance with the proportion or width cut into a piece. To be used in production or pharmaceutical or for other purposes.

Different slices of the slices of the method is also different, such as the test to deal with cells or tissues, so as to facilitate the use of microscopic observation experiments. Rotary and slide-type slicers for optical microscopes

In the paper industry also need to use slicing machine, for cutter disc slicer, drum slicer, screw slicer and so on. The cutter disc slicer consists of the cutterhead, the casing, the feeding groove and the transmission device. The working principle is to use the heavy knife cutter to function as a flywheel and stabilize the slice.

Another is to cut the polymer strip into particles. This requires a special slicer, which consists of a guide bar, a feed roller, a press roll, and a rotary cutter. The working principle is: the use of cutter from the continuously variable transmission, feed roller from the cutter through a set of transform gear transmission, and the cutter plate size with a number of blades. Can be self-changing gear can change the cut length and CVT can change the tape only into the speed.


1. You can use the "keypad lock button" on the control panel to lock the keyboard

2. Shut down, the window should be opened, until the machine is completely dry and then boot

3. Do not turn off the box compressor, otherwise it will seriously affect your work

A device for cutting a polymer strip into particles. Slicer by the guide bar, feed roller, pressure roller, rotary cutter composition. The cutterhead is driven by a continuously variable transmission. The feed roller is driven by a set of change gears from the cutterhead. The cutterhead is equipped with a plurality of blades according to the pellet size. The changeover gear can change the cut length. Adjust the continuously variable transmission to change the speed of the tape. Sections are cylindrical or rectangular. Most use underwater pelletizer. The advantage is to avoid the melt or slices in contact with oxygen in the air, and make the slices smooth, eliminating the granulation caused by the powder.