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The Principle Of Non-woven Bags
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Non-woven fabric is a non-woven cloth, which directly use polymer chips, short fibres or filaments through a variety of Web methods and consolidation formed theshape of a soft, breathable and plane structure of new fiber products. Non-wovenbags compared with the advantages of traditional plastic bags: non-woven bags cheap, environmentally friendly and practical, are widely used, with prominent advertising space. Suitable for all kinds of business events and exhibitions fairs, enterprises and institutions are ideal promotional gifts.

Raw materials are polypropylene non-woven bag, plastic bag material is polyethylene, two substances although the name is similar to, but far in chemical structure.The stability of the chemical structure of polyethylene with a strong, extremely difficult to degrade, so plastic bags take 300 years to complete the decomposition and chemical structure of polypropylene is not secure, molecular chains can easily bebroken, which can effectively degrade, and nontoxic form into the next step in theenvironmental cycle, a non-woven bags within the 90 days can be completely decomposed.

Non-woven fabric is made without the process of textile fabric non fabric-like product, also called non-woven. Because it is the only textile short fiber or filament isoriented or random support columns to form a Web structure, and then by mechanical, thermal or chemical methods-bonded reinforcement can be made. Non-woven bag mostly spun-bonded non-woven cloth.

Nutshell is: non-woven fabric is not a a yarn weaving, knitting together, instead ofdirectly through the physical method of fiber bonded together, so when you get stuck in your clothes when you said, you will find, is not a root of the thread. Non-woven cloth to break through the traditional principles of textile, with short process,production speed, high output, low cost, wide usage, sources of raw materials and so on.

Complex film no spinning bag, products used flow extended way, composite firm, in composite process in the not stick rubber, feel soft, no plastic of feel, no skin irritation, applies Yu one-time medical with in the single, sheets, surgery clothing, isolation clothing, protection clothing, shoes sets,, health protection supplies of making; this cloth do of bag called complex film no spinning bag.